The Simple Secret to Happiness

Art Fettig

Art Fettig

International author and speaker, actor, playwrite and former railroad executive Art Fettig recently reflected in his newsletter on his 87 year-long happy, fulfilling and rewarding life. At the end, he provided some sound advice to people starting out in life. After reflecting on what Art had to say, I strongly feel that this advice applies to everyone, not just beginners and I’d like to share it with you. “Don’t let greed become your master. It takes away all the fun.  Give to get. But do not give to get something in return, that isn’t giving, that’s trading.  Learn to give for the pure joy of giving. That is the secret to happiness and the pursuit of happiness makes for a pretty rewarding life.” I don’t think I’ve ever seen the secret to happiness explained so concisely. Thank you, Art.

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