One Amazing Man’s Unique Way of Making a Huge Difference

Photo courtesy of Patrick Boehler (Wikipedia)

Photo courtesy of Patrick Boehler (Wikipedia)

Chen Si, of Nanjing, China in many ways is an ordinary man. It’s what he does with his weekends that has earn him the labels of angel, Samaritan and hero. For the last 13 years Mr. Chen Si has patrolled the Yangtze river bridge in Nanjing every weekend either on foot or on his motor bike preventing people from jumping off in to commit suicide. This bridge is purported to be the world’s #1 suicide site. So far, Mr. Chen Si has saved 321 people; grabbing some as they’re hanging over the railing ready to let go. According to an article which appeared in, Mr. Chen Si has learned the telltale signs of desperation. “‘From the crowd of people, I’ll single out those who look depressed, those whose psychological pressure is great,’ Chen explains. ‘Their way of walking is very passive with no spirit, or no direction. I’ll go and talk to them.’ As Chen patrols the bridge on his motorbike, a lone figure suddenly catches his eye. It’s a skinny, hunched twenty-something man in dirty clothes carrying a plastic bag. ‘I can see your mood’s not right,’ Chen says to the young man. ‘What’s the matter?’ The man tells Chen that he has nowhere to go. He travels more than a thousand miles to find work but he lost his identity card and can’t find a job. ‘Give me some time,’ Chen says. ‘I’ll think of something.’” By doing this, Mr. Chen Si temporarily transferred some of the victim’s burden to his own shoulders and, in the process, saved a live. If you would like to learn more about Mr. Chen Si, or see a video of him in action, here’s a link.

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