Keeping the Peace at this Year’s Post-Election Holiday Gatherings

The recent presidential election was extremely polarizing and many people formed strong opinions for their candidate and against the other candidate. This brings up the issue of how do you deal with people who backed the other candidate at this year’s holiday gatherings. A recent article by Claire Ansberry, which appeared in The Wall Street Journal, presents some excellent advice on how keep the peace:

  • Don’t gloat if your candidate won and don’t predict the end of the country if yours lost.
  • Don’t continue an argument that will get you nowhere.
  • If you need to vent, do it with people who share your view.
  • Clinton supporters should tell Trump supporters that while they weren’t for him, they hope will be a good president. Then get a glass of wine and talk to other people.
  • Put the presidential campaign in a box, leave it on the shelf and move on.

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