An Important Life Lesson from Losing a Son

Phil Reck

Phil Reck

My son Phil passed away two years ago on September 30. Yesterday would have been his 40th birthday. He was a wonderful guy with a quick wit, big heart and a great sense of humor. He has been sorely missed by everyone who knew him. I feel very fortunate that the last words spoken between him, his mother and I before we left on vacation were, “I love you.” This doesn’t make the pain of his loss any easier, but it does make it less hard. Think of how badly his mother and I would have felt if there had been cross words spoken between us or, worse yet, if we weren’t on speaking terms. The pain of his loss would have been so much greater. I would like this to be Phil’s continuing legacy: If you any have strained relationships with people you love, fix them while you still have the chance. As Phil’s passing illustrates, life can turn on a dime and you may not have that opportunity if you wait.

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