Four Simple Health Resolutions for 2017 that Everyone Can Keep

Angie Ferguson, an exercise physiologist from Fort Myers, FL wrote an article titled, 4 Simple Goals to Commit to in 2017, which appeared in a recent issue of the Arizona Republic. These resolutions are so simple that even I can keep them, yet they produce lots of lasting long-term health benefits. They are:

  • Drink more water. Ms. Ferguson recommends eight ounces per hour.
  • Eat more fiber. This helps our digestion, lowers our bad cholesterol and slows the rate that sugar is absorbed into our bloodstream.
  • Increase our consumption of green leafy vegetables. Doing so is not only of great nutritional value, it also promotes tissue repair.
  • Reduce saturated fats. Ms. Ferguson recommends choosing lean cuts of meat and then grilling, baking or broiling them to reduce fat content. She also recommends eating more fish and poultry, and less red meat.

If you would like to read Ms. Ferguson’s entire column, here’s the link.

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